Diesel LaForceAlthough Diesel is best known for his fantasy illustrations and cartography skills used with Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games, he has expanded his skills to the world of three dimensional art.

Although never formally trained, he has had hands on experience with some of the top names in fantasy art. Diesel continues to work on gaming products as well as be involved in the Gen Con Art Show in Indianapolis every year. Watch for his art table there and other conventions throughout the states. 

Diesel and his wife Lisa have made their home in the Austin, Texas area since 2006.

 TSR Beginnings

While working in the shipping department at TSR Hobbies (aka Dungeons & Dragons) Diesel was given a chance to show his art skills to the art director David Sutherland III. That was the beginning of his artistic career in 1979 at the age of twenty. Diesel was lucky enough to get in near the start of that small company and so is now considered one of the first generation D&D artists. He cut his teeth working beside other artists who would go on to become some of the biggest names in fantasy the fantasy art world. Easley, Elmore, Parkinson, Caldwell, Brom, you know them and the list goes on. He had the privilage of working beside these greats while he created thousands of illustrations, logos game prototypes and game boards and maps for TSR gaming products and magazines over his 18 years with them. He was the (almost) exclusive cartographer for Dungeon Magazine for the first 4 years of publication. He has worked on virtually every major product line put out by TSR. Much of the iconography we use in the gaming industry today was developed by Diesel in those earler days. He came up with the looks of maps for many of the TSR product lines including DRAGONLANCE, DARK SUN, BIRHTRIGHT and PLANESCAPE.

The Gen Con Art Show

While working at TSR, employees were required to work the Gen Con Game Fair that the company put on every year. All staff artists worked together to develop an art show that showcased their works for the public to see. As the convention grew the art show expanded to inviting outside talents to display their works with the staff as well. Eventually Diesel took over the responsibilities of managing the show and for 4 years helped it grow into one of the best fantasy art shows in the country. When Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR in 1997, Diesel continued working in the Art Show as a senior volunteer. You can still catch him every year at this great show in Indianapolis (he has only missed one Gen Con since 1979).


His professional art career has spanned over 35 years now. Even though Diesel has no formal training, his illustration background in the gaming industry has provided a natural transition into the field of sculptures. After much coaxing by friends, he tried his hand at sculpting. His first attempt was a dragon head. He liked it so much that he decided to sculpt and cast a box with a dragon head on the lid. Later that year in 2004 at Gen Con he won the Best In Show 3-D Award. This recognition promted him to work on a few other ideas for casting. Many of those hand castings are now offered here.